People's Choice – the ABC of entertainment. It’s an Award. It’s a global Brand. And it’s all about your Choice. Ruling American television annually for almost four decades, People’s Choice is all about fans and their favorites. It offers people an opportunity to celebrate popculture and express their adoration for their entertainers, their stars… and to voice their choice! These fan favorites are honored at the live telecast of the annual People’s Choice Awards. The official website engages the people with its continual activity in the form of polls and contests.

For the first time ever, the People's Choice Awards is being celebrated outside America. In 2012, People’s Choice Awards has been brought to the world’s largest democracy – India. Sticking to the international format, it celebrates fan favorites in music, movies, television and sports, which was introduced as a special genre.

Being the pioneer awards format where the winners are chosen only through the viewers’ votes, People’s Choice stands out from the rest. Truly democratic in every sense of the word, it is of the people, by the people and for the people.

For the past 38 years, many of Hollywood's most popular actors, musicians, television shows and movies have been named People's Choice Award winners by their fans. The event, which began in 1975, had 14 categories during inception and in 2012, there were over 40 categories; and it has always honored entertainers across genres.

Along with the changing times and technology, People’s Choice embarked upon a new step by launching the official website in the US in 2005. The website, not only acted as a medium for voting, but also engaged the people with year-round activity, thus expanding the People’s Choice brand. In India, the online route was adapted from the first year itself thus encouraging viewers to vote for their favorites through peopleschoiceindia.com and social media networks, and in due course award the best in entertainment.